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Specialist Task Force 331: ICT GRID Technologies Interoperability and Standardization

Who we are:

Team Leader: Geoffrey Caryer
Team Members: Julian Gallop
Jens Grabowski
Tatiana Kovacikova
Thomas Rings  
Stephan Schulz  
Ian Stokes-Rees

What we did :

The STF addressed, in general, IT-Telecom (Information Technology and Telecommunications) convergence and, in particular, the lack of interoperable GRID solutions built by IT in conjunction with the Telecom industry. At the request of TC GRID, this scope was extended to include "cloud compouting".

The STF have produced an Interim and Final Report for delivery to the EC.

ETSI deliverables produced by the STF include:

  • DTR/GRID-0001-1 (ETSI TR 102 659-1  v1.1.1 and v1.2.1) Study of ICT GRID interoperability gaps; Part 1: Inventory of ICT Stakeholders 
  • DTR/GRID-0001-2  (ETSI TR 102 659-2  v1.1.1 and v1.2.1) Study of ICT GRID interoperability gaps; Part 2: List of identified Gaps 
  • ICT Grid Interoperability State of the Art Website and mailing list 
  • A workshop of Grid Stakeholders 
  • DTR/GRID-0002 (ETSI TR 102 766 v1.1.1) ICT GRID Interoperability Testing Framework and survey of existing ICT Grid interoperability solutions 
  • DTS/GRID-0007 (ETSI TS 102 786 v1.1.1) ICT GRID Interoperability Testing Framework 
  • DTS/GRID-0008 (ETSI TS 102 811 v1.1.1)  ICT Grid Component Model (GCM); Interoperability test specification.

Copies are available, free of charge, from the ETSI Publications Download Area

Read our Terms of Reference

Why we did it:

The European Commission, in its 2006 ICT Standardisation Work Programme invited ETSI to carry out a study on Interoperability & Validation of International Open Grid Standards and to consider the impact of these standards on the NGN. This activity is part of the response to that invitation.

This activity on the global convergence and evolution of IT infrastructure and electronic communications transformation is aligned with the i2010 initiative, NESSI ETP and the Next Generation GRID (NGG) vision of the SOKU (Service Oriented Knowledge Utility).

The goal is to actively support and involve GRID stakeholders in the standardisation of GRID test specifications in the IT-Telecom converged world.

October 2007 Start of the work on ICT Grid interoperability state of the art and gap analysis
June 2008 Start of work on proposals to solve identified interoperability gaps
September 2008 Early Deliverables due
September 2008 Interim Report to EC/EFTA D10
September 2009 Publication of Deliverables
March 2010 Final Report to EC/EFTA D10

ICT GRID Interoperability State of Art:

A short introduction to the state of the art of grid, cloud computing and the work of the STF can be found in the following 4-pages white paper. More details can be found in the above deliverables.

STF Publications:  

STF Questionnaire:

In order identifying whether IST projects with a Grid focus are interfacing with standards and whether there are interoperability concerns, the following questionnaire was drafted by the STF and sent to relevant IST Grid projects.

STF Presentations:

How to contact us:

Geoffrey Caryer

Note: this information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context. 

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