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Specialist Task Force 330:
Security and management of identity in the NGN

Who we are:

Team Leader: Scott Cadzow
Team Members: Steve Randall
Stefan Goeman

What we do :

The STF will produce the following deliverables, for TB approval:

Work Item : DTR/TISPAN-07 (draft  14bTD212)
Title: Report on issues related to security management and their resolution in the NGN

Read our Terms of Reference

Why we do it:

Identity of individuals is generally considered (as humans) as non-transferable and to have the same lifetime as the individual. Abuse of identity can have considerable consequences to liberty and may have long as well as short term consequences. The European privacy directive (amongst other laws) has tried to address the legal obligations to preserve a user’s control of identity (specifically to counter SPAM/SPIT).

In a standardisation context it has to be asked what can be done to use technology to bolster the legal frameworks and, in particular, to build the non-repudiation services that countering abuse requires.

Time plan for the work:

  • Start of the work February 2007
  • ToC and scope March 2007
  • First stable draft for WG review May 2007
  • Draft for WG approval June 2007
  • WG approval July 2007
  • Draft for TB approval June 2007
  • TB approval September 2007
  • Publication October 2007

How to contact us:

If you would like more information, please contact the STF Leader:


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