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Specialist Task Force 316:
Development of web interface to, and hosting of, eTVRA database

Who we are:

Team Leader: Scott Cadzow
Team Member: Xavier Cobbaert

What we do :

The task of the STF316 is to develop a web interface for data entry and reporting for the eTVRA database defined by STF292 in TS 102 165-1 (2006). The STF shall provide reporting facilities from the database that conforms to the proforma provided in Annex A of TS 102 165-1 (for system specific TVRA), and that conforms to the proforma provided in Annex A of ES 202 382 (for system specific Protection Profiles).

The STF shall work closely with ETSI internal web development unit and shall comply to the guidelines developed by ETSI for web-page design. In addition the eAccessibility guidance for web-interfaces developed by W3C and ETSI HF shall be followed.

The STF shall contribute to a miscellaneous work item (i.e. the output of the STF shall be a set of web pages and the underlying database code) and to an ETSI Technical Report giving a “User guide” to the database and its interface for use by analysts.

Work Items:

Read our Terms of Reference

Why we do it:

The database development skills are not available in the TB through voluntary effort although the database design skills were available during the development of eTVRA in STF292. The STF is needed to capitalise on the ETSI investment in STFs 268 and 292 which although funded by eEurope have developed products of value across ETSI. Furthermore as products and standards are developed which may have a security impact it is increasingly important to be able to document the risk analysis. The sooner this is made available on demand the better.

Time plan for the work:

We intend to complete our work by end-March 2007. 

How to contact us:

If you would like more information, please contact the STF Leader:


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