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Specialist Task Force 311:
The consequences on the standardization activities on NGN from the EU ECN&S regulatory view point

Who we are:

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Marie-Michèle Vassiliou Tatiana Kovacikova


The "Letter Standardization and Regulation NGN IMS" has been sent to OCG, OCG ECN&S, COCOM expert group on Standardization, MSG, 3GPP TSG SA WG1 and WG3 mailing Lists.
The reason for sending this letter to other regional members of 3GPP was to let them know that this work is ongoing, since other initiatives are also being setup around the world. Allowing 3GPP to provide a global feedback will be of the interest to all and not just Europe.

Download the letter

What we do and why we do it :

The primary role of OCG Electronic Communications Networks and Services Directives (ECN&S) is “to provide a horizontal co-ordination structure for issues related to the ETSI support for the implementation of the European Directives and related Documents (see ETSI New Regulatory Framework page below) and, in particular, to co-ordinate ETSI activities covered by any associated Mandates relating to this topic” Essentially, this means that the group has been set up to find potential regulatory stumbling blocks that may impede the smooth roll-out of NGN/IMS (in the context of 3GPP read IMS).


As part of this, OCG ECN&S has set up an ETSI Standards Task Force (STF 311) on "The consequences on the standardization activities on NGN from the EU ECN&S regulatory view point". The objective of the STF is to identify:

  •  the consequences on NGN/IMS standardization from the regulatory view point,
  •  areas where standardization is needed to achieve public interests objectives and to increase competition.

 It was considered that European authorities and other stakeholders will be able to benefit from mutual understanding of the regulatory benefits and consequences of the current standardization process.

This work will give visibility to NGN/IMS debate at European level and increase mutual understanding among the various stakeholders.

The STF activity is to be performed with the relevant documents produced for the preparation of the list of standards for Articles 17 and 18, special reports produced by ECN&S, ECN&S standing documents and any relevant documents which could be produced during the review of the EU ECN&S Regulatory Framework.

Details of Related Work Item:
DSR/OCG-00017    Title: Consequence of the standardization activity on NGN from the regulatory view point

Read our Terms of Reference

Time plan for the work:

  • Start of the work September 2006
  • Publication January 2008

How to contact us:

If you would like more information, please contact the STF Leader:


Note: this information is based upon STF working assumptions.
The views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of ETSI in this context.