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Specialist Task Force 589:
Semantic Discovery and Query in oneM2M

Who we are:

Team leader:
Team Members:
  • Dr. Andrea Cimmino, UPM
  • Dr. Luigi Liquori, INRIA
  • Marie-Agnès Peraldi, INRIA
  • Dr. Raul Garcia-Castro, UPM
  • SeungMyeong Jeong, KETI
  • Sunil Kumar, KETI

What we do

The activity proposed is the study and development of semantic Discovery and Query capabilities for oneM2M and its contribution to the oneM2M standard.

The goal is to enable an easy and efficient discovery of information and a proper interworking with external source/consumers of information (e.g. a distributed data base in a smart city or in a firm), or to directly search information in the oneM2M system for big data purposes.

For more details, see our  Terms of Reference

Why we do it

oneM2M has currently native discovery capabilities that work properly only if the search is related to specific known sources of information (e.g. searching for the values of a known set of containers) or if the discovery is well scoped and designed (e.g. the lights in a house). When oneM2M is used to discover wide sets of data or unknown sets of data, the functionality is typically integrated by ad hoc applications that are expanding the oneM2M functionality. This means that this core function may be implemented with different flavours and this is not optimal for interworking and interoperability.

How we do it

The STF is funded by ETSI and integrated within the Work Programme of the Technical Committee SmartM2M (TC SmartM2M).

Apart from the task related to the STF project management, the STF works on the development of the deliverables of the STF (i.e. Technical Reports, Progress Reports and contributions to oneM2M) within the following tasks:
•    T1    Discovery and Query use cases and requirements
•    T2    Discovery and Query options analysis and selection
•    T3    Discovery and Query simulation and evaluation
•    T4    Discovery and Query solution development
•    T5    Contribution to oneM2M


The following technical reports (TR) are developed:

D1    TR 103 714    Study for oneM2M Discovery and Query use cases and requirements
D2    TR 103 715    Study for oneM2M Discovery and Query solutions analysis & selection
D3    TR 103 716    Discovery and Query solution(s) simulation and performance evaluation
D4    TR 103 717    Study for oneM2M Discovery and Query specification development

Time plan

The work of the STF has started on February 6th, 2020 and will be finished by the end of June 2021. The main milestones of the project are listed in the table below:

Description          Target date
A - Progress Report 30-Apr-2020
B  - Progress Report
- Final Draft D1 (TR 103 714)
- Use cases and requirements contributed to oneM2M
C - Progress Report
- Final Draft D2 (TR 103 715)
- Semantic queries and discovery approaches discussed with oneM2M
D - Progress Report
- Final Draft D3 (TR 103 716)
- Semantic queries, discovery solution simulator and evaluation developed and related results contributed to oneM2M
E - Final Report
- Final Draft D4  (TR 103 717)
- Semantic queries and discovery solution contributed to oneM2M
F All Deliverables published, STF closed 30-Jun-2021

How to contact us

Please contact us via email:

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