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STF requests under ETSI budget

The ETSI budget is allocated by the ETSI Board.

In the interim periods, proposals for urgent STF requests can be considered.

The calendar of the ETSI STF FWP Budget 2nd allocation is:

ETSI STF budget 2nd allocation 2019 process and calendar


Collect draft ToR from TBs

26 Apr 2019

downloadtemplate skeletonortemplate with instructions and send draft to FPS/STF Manager:

29Apr 2019

Consistency check between ETSI Secretariat and TBs

Full ToR available(TB approved, possibly in parallel to this budget allocation)

30 April 19 - 15 May 19

OCG/Board consultation by correspondence(2 weeks + 1 day in consideration of 1st of May)

16 May 2019

Inclusion of comments from OCG/Board consultation and ETSI Secretariat validation

Final version of ToRs available for STF Review Panel GoToMeeting





17 May 2019

16:00-17:30 GTM

STF Review Panel: OCG/Board GoToMeeting to assess TB requests and make recommendations on the priority for the allocation of the budget.



20-May 2019

16:00-17:00 GTM

GoToMeeting restricted to Board members, if an agreement on priority cannot be achieved in the open meeting (In order to avoid conflict of interest, Board Members who are also stakeholders in an STF proposal are not entitled to participate in this meeting).


05 Jun 2019

BOARD documents with STF review panel recommendation published for decision

12 Jun 2019

Board#123 approval
































If the request concerns the continuation of an existing STF activity, the Reference Body must provide an overview of the results achieved and resources spent by the previous STFs in this domain.

The ToR must provide a detailed description of the work to be done and an accurate estimate of the maximum budget required to perform the work.

The ETSI Secretariat will make a consistency check of the STF request and may come back to the TB Chairman with comments and/or proposals to improve the ToR and/or the presentation of the business case to the OCG/Board.  If it is not possible to achieve an agreement on the consistency check, the document will be submitted to the OCG/Board consultation according to the instruction of the Reference Body Chairman but with comments from the Secretariat.

The STF requests must be approved by the Reference Body before being submitted to the OCG/Board. 

Given the time constraints if the draft ToR have not  been approved by the Reference Body before the submission of the proposal, then the approval calendar must be identified in the ToR.