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Diameter Parameter Allocation

IANA allocates Diameter or AAA parameters, according to RFC 3588, and these allocations are detailed at:

In particular, IANA allocates all Diameter Application ID’s and Command Codes.  IANA also allocate all ‘IETF consensus’ AVP codes and AVP specific values.  Entities other than IANA can issue ‘vendor specific’ AVP codes and AVP specific values, and Experimental Result Codes, using IANA-allocated ‘enterprise numbers’.

ETSI’s enterprise number is 13019.
3GPP’s enterprise number is 10415.

ETSI CTI manages the allocation of ETSI AVP codes, AVP specific values and Experimental Result Codes. 
ETSI CTI also handles requests to IANA for Diameter Application ID’s. 

Registration procedure

To request a code allocation, please send an email to
Please provide name, e-mail address, and details of the ETSI TB for which the registration is required.
Please provide details of the type of registration requested, and provide the (draft) ETSI specification for which the registration is required.

ETSI generally allocates a block of 50 AVP codes to each specification in which Diameter AVP codes are specified, and a block of 20 Experimental Result Codes to each specification in which these codes are specified.  Allocation is performed on a first-come, first-served basis.

If new Command Codes, or IETF consensus AVP codes or values are required, specification activity needs to be performed at the IETF.

ETSI Diameter parameters 

No AVP specific values which require global management have yet been assigned by ETSI.

3GPP Diameter parameters

Diameter parameters used in 3GPP specifications are detailed in 3GPP TS 29.230