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List of Diameter Application IDs assigned to ETSI


IANA allocates Diameter ApplicationIDs.  ApplicationIDs which do not result from IETF specification work are allocated in the vendor-specific number range ((0x01000000 - 0xfffffffe) on a first-come first-served basis.  Any requests for Diameter Application IDs which ETSI makes to IANA are allocated in this number range.

Please consult RFC 3588 for the conditions for needing a new Diameter ApplicationID.  In particular, a new Command Code should be specified, or new mandatory AVPs should be added to the ABNF, in order to qualify for a new ApplicationID.

The following is the list of Diameter ApplicationIDs which IANA has allocated to ETSI specifications.  These can also be found at

Diameter ApplicationIDs allocated to ETSI 

ApplicationID  Name  Specified in ETSI Specification 
16777231  ETSI e4  ES 283 034 
16777253   ETSI Re  TS 183 060
16777254  ETSI GOCAP  ES 283 039 
16777257  ETSI a4  TS 183 066 
16777278   ETSI Rr request model  TS 183 071 
16777279   ETSI Rr delegated model TS 183 071