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CNI Codes


ETSI TS 101 231 specifies a register of Country and Network Identification (CNI), Video Programming System (VPS) codes and Application codes for Teletext based systems. 

TS 101 231 points to data in the register being published on the ETSI Portal, on the present page. This register was previously maintained by the EBU on their website. The register is published as a PDF file.

Download the latest version of the register (last update: 19 April 2024).

To request a new CNI code, please contact In your request, please specify: 

  • Type of code required (more than one can be requested):
    • 8/30 format 1 CNI code, the most common
    • 8/30 format 2 CNI code
    • X/26 Dataword CNI code
    • VPS code (used in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Ukraine, in addition to the 8/30 format 1 codes)
  • Country in which the code will be used
  • Channel name
  • Network or broadcaster requesting the code
  • Name & contact details of the individual making the request

Please also identify any existing codes already allocated to that network or broadcaster.

Due to the limited number of 8/30 format 2 and X/26 Dataword codes remaining for each country, we will only allocate these codes on specific request.