ETSI Protocol Naming and Numbering Service 

ETSI CTI provides a Protocol Naming and Numbering Service for all ETSI Technical Bodies.

Many protocols require the allocation of globally unique names or numbers in order to interoperate successfully.  Ranges of names or numbers are often allocated to standards bodies in order to distribute the task of allocation, while still maintaining global uniqueness.  ETSI CTI manages such name and number ranges for ETSI.

In addition, the ETSI CTI can manage, on behalf of an ETSI TB, the request for any protocol name or number allocation required from another issuing authority, such as MIME registrations with IANA.

Request Procedure

Details of the request procedure for any name or number range managed by ETSI CTI are given at the links above.

Generic requests should be addressed to  Please provide as much detail as possible in your e-mail in order to support your request.

ETSI Enterprise Number

Many IETF protocols refer to the use of an Enterprise Number, or Vendor-specific ID.  IANA allocates SMI Network Management Private Enterprise Codes, or Enterprise Numbers.  ETSI and 3GPP have been allocated an Enterprise Number.

ETSI's Enterprise Number is 13019.

3GPP's Enterprise Number is 10415.

In fact, the Enterprise Number is an ASN.1 Object Identifier, as follows:
iso(1) org(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprise(1) etsi(13019)
In practice, the last number is used alone as the Enterprise Number.