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ETSI URN Namespace

ETSI maintains a namespace registry based on URNs in support of the specifications produced by ETSI. The ETSI registry allocates these URNs based upon a reserved NID ('etsi'). See RFC8515 for the document which reserved this NID.

All URNs in the ETSI URN namespace will have the following structure:

The <etsi-urn> will have the following structure:


where <nss-root> are the nodes allocated under ETSI URN namespace as defined in Table 1 and <nss-restoftree> is the rest of tree that has one or more strings each separated with a colon ":"


Procedure for requesting an <etsi-urn> under ETSI URN namespace</etsi-urn>

Applications for new <etsi-urn>, using one of the NSS-Roots (excluding experimental) specified in table 1, shall be addressed to the ETSI group in charge of the given NSS-Root. Each ETSI group may have a different policy for the allocation of <etsi-urn>. Please, see the corresponding application details indicated in the Table 1.</etsi-urn></etsi-urn>

URNs within experimental is for those modules that are not expected to be used in any published work. So, there is no need to submit a request for such URNs. There is no capture of any URNs under experimental.


When a URN application implies the creation of a new node under ETSI URN namespace, then an application shall be submitted from the ETSI group to include the following:

• ETSI group
• Node name(s) to be created
• Reference to the urn application procedure for the given group (i.e. a link, a document, etc..)
• Reference to the location where the NSS-restoftree is available

Table 1. NSS-Roots

Structure NSS-Root urn:NID:NSS-Root  ETSI group Application details reference
NSS-restoftree reference
 nfv-nss  "nfv"  urn:etsi:nfv  ISG NFV NFV URN application
 NFV rest of tree
 osm-nss  "osm" urn:etsi:osm
OSM URN application details
 OSM Rest of tree
 experimental-nss  "example"  urn:etsi:example  - For experimental use  




i.e. a string starts with an alphanumeric (a-zA-Z0-9) and has 0 or more mix alphanumeric (a-zA-Z0-9) or hyphen or underscore.