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XCAP Application Unique Identifiers (AUIDs)

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) Configuration Access Protocol (XCAP) allows a client to read, write and modify application configuration
data, stored in XML format on a server.  In particular it is used in NGN specification at ETSI.

Each XCAP resource on a server is associated with an application, and each application usage is associated with a name, called an Application
 Unique ID (AUID).  AUIDs not belonging to the IETF AUID namespace, are prefixed with the reverse domain name of the organization creating the
AUID, followed by a period, followed by a token defined by that organization.

ETSI maintains the following registry of XCAP AUID domains, within which ETSI TBs can define their own substructure and AUIDs.  These are all
prefixed with ETSI's reverse domain name:   org.etsi.

Name Technical Body ETSI deliverable describing structure Date Allocated
ngn. TISPAN TISPAN TR 183 050 September 2006

For example, the simservs AUID defined by TISPAN in the ngn domain is: org.etsi.ngn.simservs

Requests to register a new AUID should be addressed to the ETSI CTI:

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