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ETSI Assigned ASN.1 Object Identifiers

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Common Domain

The ETSI Secretariat assigns and registers object identifiers under the common domain.  Each request for a new object identifier in this domain must come from an ETSI Technical Body. Each Technical Body is responsible for  the management and assignment of object identifiers under its assigned node, and each request for a new node must identify the ETSI deliverable which describes the structure and use of the sub-tree under the requested object identifier

To request an object identifier under this node, please send your request to

The following ASN.1 object identifiers have been registered under the Common Domain:

Name and Value Technical Body ETSI deliverable describing structure Date allocated
mobile-domain(0) 3GPP (Note) ETR 091 November 1992
in-domain(1) SPAN ETR 090 June 1993
etsi-library | securityDomain(2) SPAN / SEC ETS 300 655 / ES 201 671 March 1997
service-function(3) SPAN EG 201 189 June 1998
bran-domain(4) BRAN TR 101 764 June 2000
its-domain(5) ITS TR 102 707 February 2009

For example, the assigned Object Identifier for the IN Domain is: itu-t(0) identified-organization(4) etsi(0)  in-domain(1).

NOTE:  mobile-domain(0) was originally allocated to TC SPS, but was then given to TC SMG, and is now inherited by 3GPP. All Object Identifiers assigned under mobile-domain(0) can be found at the 3GPP ASN.1 Object Identifier web pages. All requests for object identifiers under the mobile-domain(0) are handled by ETSI's Mobile Competence Centre support team for 3GPP. Send your requests to

Reserved Domain (0 4 0 127)

The following ASN.1 object identifiers have been registered under the Reserved Domain:

Value Date Allocated
etsi-identified-organization(0) April 1999

Any organization including non-Members of ETSI may request an object identifier under the etsi-identified- organization node.

To request an object identifier under this node, please send your request to

The following ASN.1 object identifiers have been registered as ETSI Identified Organizations:

Name and Value Name and Value Company Name Date allocated
etsi-identified-organization(0) expertTelecoms(1) Expert Telecoms GmbH April 1999
etsi-identified-organization(0) franceTelecom(2) France Telecom April 1999
etsi-identified-organization(0) matav(3) Matav June 2000
etsi-identified-organization(0) sema-group-telecoms / airwide-solutions(4) airwide solutions June 2000 / November 2004
etsi-identified-organization(0) ericsson(5) Ericsson October 2000
etsi-identified-organization(0) megisto(6) Megisto Systems, Inc November 2002
etsi-identified-organization(0) bsi-de(7) Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (Federal Office for Information Security) March 2005
etsi-identified-organization(0) ascom-tateco(8) Ascom Tateco September 2005
etsi-identified-organization(0) gsm-association(9) GSM Association November 2006 
etsi-identified-organization(0) escb(10)  European Systems of Central Banks September 2010 
etsi-identified-organization(0) crmd(11) Civil Registry and Migration Department, Republic of Cyprus October 2010 
etsi-identified-organization(0) bbva(12) Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, SA. November 2010 
etsi-identified-organization(0) pocketKings(13) Pocket Kings Ltd. May 2011 
etsi-identified-organization(0) topicus(14) Topicus February 2012
etsi-identified-organization(0) isara(15) Isara Corporation September 2016
etsi-identified-organization(0) edqm(16) European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare, Council of Europe  October 2016
 etsi-identified-organization(0)  relaycorp(17)  Relaycorp Ltd.  April 2019


For example, the assigned Object Identifier for Expert Telecoms GmbH is: itu-t(0) identified-organization(4) etsi(0) reserved(127) etsi-identified-organization(0) expertTelecoms(1)

ETSI Deliverable Domain (0 4 0 128...)

Each ETSI deliverable has a unique number and is the responsibility of one technical committee.  Therefore, for each ETSI deliverable, a unique object identifier exists and can be used without any further registration.

The object identifier tree value for a given ETSI deliverable is derived by deleting the first digit of its document number (and omitting leading zeroes).