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ETSI MIB Namespace

IANA maintain a list of ASN.1 object identifiers used for network management, called the Network Management Parameters.

By convention, SMI MIBs usually use ASN.1 object identifiers from the IANA object identifier tree.  IANA have a part of their tree reserved for external organizations.

ETSI has registered a namespace in this tree, for identification of ETSI MIBs. The assigned object identifier for ETSI MIB namespace use is:
iso(1) org(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprise(1) etsi(13019) (click to see sub-structure)

3GPP has also registered a namespace in the same IANA list:

iso(1) org(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprise(1)  (10415)

The full list of IANA assigned enterprise namespaces is available here.

What are MIBs and where are they used?

Management Information Bases (MIBs) are collections of Management Information Objects which are used or managed in a network management protocol such as SNMP or CMIP or CMOT.

MIBs are defined in ASN.1, therefore they are identified using ASN.1 object identifiers.  Any ASN.1 object identifier can be used to identify MIBs.

SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol
For information on SNMP, please consult the following IETF RFCs, available at

Overall Architecture: RFC 2571

Structure of Management Information:
The first version, SMIv1, is described in RFC 1155, RFC 1212 and RFC 1215.
The second version, SMIv2, is described in RFC 2578, RFC 2579 and RFC 2580.

Message Protocols:
The first version, SNMPv1, is described in RFC 1157.
The second version, SNMPv2c (not an Internet standards track protocol) is described in RFC 1901 and RFC 1906.
The third version, SNMPv3, is described in RFC 1906, RFC 2572 and RFC 2574.

Protocol Operations:
The first set of protocol operations and associated PDU formats are described in RFC 1157.
A second set of protocol operations and associated PDU formats are described in RFC 1905.