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ETSI SMI MIB Object Identifier Tree

IANA maintain a list of ASN.1 object identifiers used for network management, called the Network Management Parameters
By convention, SMI MIBs usually use ASN.1 object identifiers from the IANA object identifier tree.  IANA have a part of their tree 
reserved for external organizations. ETSI has registered a namespace in this tree, for  identification of ETSI MIBs, 
under the following root node:

                                         iso(1) org(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprise(1) etsi(13019)

More information on SMI OIDs is available here.

The ETSI MIB OID tree is structured into 2 parts: Common Domain and Deliverable Based Domain.

Common Domain

The Common Domain MIB OIDs are assigned by the ETSI Secretariat, on request, to an ETSI Technical Body, 
for use in more than one ETSI specification.  The ETSI Technical Body is responsible for management of the sub-structure  under
their assigned MIB OID node.

The first 128 values (values 0 to 127 inclusive) allocated under the ETSI MIB OID root node are allocated to the  Common Domain.

Requests for allocation of a node under the Common Domain are made by an ETSI Technical Body, by e-mailing to, and must include a reference to the ETSI deliverable which will describe the sub-structure under the  assigned node.

The following is the list of currently assigned Common Domain OIDs in the ETSI MIB OID tree.

Name and Value  Technical Body  ETSI deliverable
describing structure
 Date allocated

Deliverable Based Domain

Values 128 onwards allocated under the ETSI MIB OID root node are allocated to the deliverable based domain.   The value for a given
ETSI deliverable is derived by deleting the first digit of its document number (and omitting leading zeroes).

Example 1: The allocated value for ETS 300 182 is "182", or "1 3 6 1 4 1 13019 182" in full.

Example 2: The allocated value for TS 101 123 is "1123".  The allocated value for ES 201 123 is "1123",  or "1 3 6 1 4 1 13019 1123" in full.

Note: The assignment of document numbers is independent of ETSI deliverable type. Technically, TS 101 123 and  ES 201 123
are just two different versions of the same document.
Every ETSI deliverable has a MIB OID which can be associated with it, whether or not it is actually used in the deliverable.  

It is not necessary to register either the ETSI Deliverable Based MIB OID node, or any sub-structure or individual OIDs based on this node, 
with the ETSI Secretariat.