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List of IANA registered SIP Event Packages requested by ETSI

ETSI has registered a number of SIP Event packages and template packages with IANA.

The following table provides a list of these registered packages, and includes those for which registration is pending at IANA.

The complete list of SIP Event packages registered at IANA can be found at:

In case of any difference between the following table and the list provided by IANA, IANA's list takes precedence.

Package Name Type Registration Status  Specified in ETSI Specification:
congestion_control package Ongoing ES 283 039-2 v3

SIP Event packages and Event Template packages are generally administered by IANA.
ETSI CTI can request SIP Event packages or Event Template packages on behalf of ETSI TBs.

All SIP Event packages or Event Template packages allocated by IANA are listed at the following page:

Registration procedure

To request a package or template package registration for SIP Event, please send an email to
Please provide name, e-mail address, and details of the ETSI TB for which the registration is required.
Please provide a copy of the (draft) specification for which the registration is required.