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Term Of Reference for ERM TGUWB: Ultra Wide Band 


The task is to investigate and develop generic and specific ETSI radio standards for Short Range Devices using broadband air interfaces and systems using Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technologies under the direction of TC-ERM, for communications purposes, sensor applications and networks.

Sensor applications include, but are not limited to:

  • location tracking 
  • building material analysis and classification,  
  • vehicular sensor networks including usage in public transportation, 
  • object identification and surveillance, 
  • onboard aircraft application, 
  • ground- and wall probing,
In addition, TG UWB will identify spectrum requirements to ensure spectrum efficiency and compatibility with other Radio services in co-operation with ERM according to its Terms of Reference and working procedures.   


Liaison will be established with both internal and external bodies, on matters relevant for the development of ultra wideband wireless short range applications in accordance with TC-ERM working procedures.

Horizontal aspects related to EMC and Radio spectrum Matters are deferred to ERM WG EMC and ERM WG RM, respectively.

TG UWB should establish liaison with ETSI Technical Bodies and other ERM TGs dealing with Short Range Devices using ultra wideband wireless interfaces.