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Term Of Reference for ERM TG11: Wideband data systems 

Approved at ERM#19


The overall task is to study the need for, and execute, the changes required to EN 300 328 and ES 202 131 for Wide Data Band Transmission Systems using Spread Spectrum and other wide-band modulation schemes. These systems include IEEE 802.11 family systems, HomeRF, and Bluetooth™ in addition to other technologies as they come to market.

Specific sub-tasks are:

  • to study the changes necessary to EN 300 328 in response to market driven requirements
  • to assist ERM WG-EMC in the production and maintenance of the corresponding EMC standards for the technology
  • to assist ERM WG-RM in the production of a system reference document for presentation to ECC for technologies as part of the process to develop sharing studies to be undertaken
  • To maintain, in consultation with EP BRAN, ES 202 131 regarding the receiver parameters of 2,45 GHz and 5 GHz RLAN equipment in order to support spectrum-sharing studies.


Horizontal aspects related to EMC and radio spectrum matters deferred to ERM WG EMC and ERM WG RM respectively.