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Term of Reference for Working Group EMC: ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY 

Approved at TC ERM#3, amended ERM#29 


  • To prepare draft ETSI deliverables or parts thereof covering EMC requirements and to liaise with other groups as directed by TC ERM. 
  • To carry out work on methods of measurements for EMC parameters not related to the antenna port of radio equipment as directed by TC ERM. 
  • To analyze any impact - following mandate M358/04-  caused by the application of directive 2004/104/EC - the so called vehicle EMC Directive - and any subsequent revisions to equipment covered by EMC standards developed by ETSI  and amend the relevant EMC standards where appropriate.
  • To deliver a qualified opinion towards the EU Commission at the end of the  four-year transitional period of the new vehicle EMC directive by June 2008 concerning the need of further Technical Service involvement  for aftermarket Radio transmitting equipment intended for vehicle installation.