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Term Of Reference ERM TG SRR - Automotive and Surveillance Radar 

Approved at ERM#16, last revised at ERM#18, ERM#35 and ERM#37


The task is to create and update standards, system reference documents or other technical documents for short-range devices as covered by the ERC Rec. 70-03 and the relevant EC/ECC Decisions in the field of automotive and surveillance radar applications.

TG SRR will also investigate spectrum parameters for use in automotive and surveillance radar systems in order to ensure the efficient use of the radio spectrum, considering global harmonisation.

Note that the term surveillance radar is also used in the aeronautical world but with a different meaning.


Horizontal aspects related to EMC and radio spectrum matters deferred to ERM WG EMC and WG RM, respectively.

Cooperation with CEPT ECC SRDMG,  PT SE21, and PT SE24 on spectrum compatibility study issues.

Cooperation is required with UWB, TG37, TG TLPR and TG28 (Generic SRD Standards).

Cooperation with ERM-EMC for definition and test of relevant EMC parameters and on automotive specific EMC issues.

As needed, establish liaison and activities concerning global harmonisation issues with bodies outside ETSI following TC-ERM working rules and procedures on matters relevant for the development of the draft standards. E.g. ISO