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Term Of Reference for ERM TGMARINE: Maritime and Radio Amateur activities 

Approved at ERM#29


The task is to monitor developments in the field of maritime communications and to propose and draft ETSI Deliverables for maritime and inland waterways radio equipment and systems. These Deliverables shall, in accordance with international requirements, include equipment and systems for:

  • promotion of the safety of life; 
  • radio communication, radio location and navigation equipment; 
  • maritime correspondence providing radio access to terrestrial telecommunication networks.

ERM TGMARINE is responsible for future maintenance of the standard for commercially available amateur radio equipment (EN 301 783).

Standards shall be prepared as required for Communications equipment falling within the scope of the Marine Equipment Directive (2014/90/EU) and the River information Services Directives (available at: http://www.ris.eu/library/legislation). When required Harmonised Standards shall be prepared for Communications, Radar and Navigation equipment falling within the scope of the RED Directive (2014/53/EU).


Liaison should be established with the relevant bodies inside (e.g. TC SES regarding maritime satellite systems) and outside ETSI (e.g. IMO, ITU, IEC, CENELEC, RTCM, EMSA) on matters concerning the development of the standards.

Horizontal aspects related to EMC and radio spectrum matters should be deferred to ERM WG EMC and ERM WG RM respectively.