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Term of Reference for ERM TG30: Medical Devices 

Revised at ERM#17


The following tasks will be fulfilled by TG30:

  • Propose and elaborate product specific standards for radiocommunications equipment in connection with medical devices under the direction of TC-ERM, where the Generic Standards are not applicable or suitable for the application.
  • Prepare draft SRDocs addressing frequency allocation matters in relation with radiocommunications applications for medical devices. 
  • Cover all aspects specific to medical telemetry transmitting devices and all medical implant telemetry device specifications/standards.

Liaison with CENELEC TC62:

Surveillance of standardisation activity in the field of medical devices.

European Commission mandates:

Proposed mandates for medical devices and active implants.


TG30 will provide the expertise to TC-ERM, ERM-RM and the CEPT-ECC working groups and project teams, as required for radiocommunications issues in connection with medical devices.

It is necessary to work closely with other ERM TGs dealing with Short Range Device applications (e.g. TG11, TG17, TG28) to achieve cooperation in order to ensure consistency, and technical harmony for ETSI Standards in the most cost efficient way.

Horizontal aspects related to EMC and radio spectrum matters deferred to ERM WG EMC and ERM WG RM respectively.