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Term Of Reference for ERM TG28: Generic Short Range Devices 

Approved at ERM#63


The task of ERM TG28 is to develop and maintain harmonised standards, system reference documents and other technical documents for Short Range Devices (SRD) and networks of SRDs. Such devices address a wide range of applications including but not limited to telemetry, telecommand, telecontrol, alarms, metering/sub-metering, wireless power transmission, inductive applications. 

Harmonized standards developed by TG28 cover the requirements for the presumption of conformity to the essential requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU), enabling a product to be put on the European market.  

Harmonized standards developed by TG28 are closely related to EC Decision related to SRDs and CEPT Recommendation ERC/REC70-03.

TG28 identifies spectrum requirements for Short Range Devices in System Reference documents taking into account the need for the harmonization frequency bands and licensing procedures, as well as the need for spectrum efficiency. TG28 advises TC ERM on the needs of the SRD product sector for consideration by European Commission, EU constituent bodies and CEPT-ECC.


TG28 will establish liaison both internal and external, on matters relevant for SRDs in accordance with TC ERM and ERM RM procedures.

TG28 will contribute to TC ERM working group EMC on EMC aspects relevant to devices covered by TG28.