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Term Of Reference for Working Group RM: RADIO MATTERS 

Approved at TC ERM meeting 35

Working Procedures for ETSI ERM WG RM: Radio Matters

WG ERM-RM is the WG of TC-ERM focusing on horizontal radio spectrum matters and the corresponding long term issues.


  • To conduct studies and prepare deliverables on horizontal radio related issues i.e. general matters relating to radio equipment and to the usage of spectrum and to liaise with other groups as directed by TC ERM 
  •  To support the TC ERM in co-ordination of spectrum parameters in ETSI deliverables 
  •  To support the co-ordination activities relating to ETSI positions on the efficient use of the radio spectrum and on spectrum allocations / utilisations upon request by other TBs or TGs 

Work Programme Items/ETSI Deliverables

WG ERM-RM will, for example, maintain:

  • TR 102 137 (which shows the ETSI standards sorted by frequency – i.e. a counterpart of EFIS, supported by the ERO) 
  • the ETSI Guide supporting the production of System Reference documents (EG 201 788) 
  •  the ETSI Guide supporting the production of Harmonized Standards (EG 201 399)

For the rest of the Work Items see the ERM-RM Work programme.

ToRs of WG ERM-RM have been :

  • modified and approved at TC ERM meeting 17 – subsequently endorsed by OCG#18
  • re-addressed during TC ERM meeting 34 and subsequently redrafted by TC ERM at its 35th meeting, in line with the document OCG 34_10.