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Co-ordination Group Cenelec-ETSI Installations & Cabling TG IC CG

Terms of Reference

I&C CG main goal is to stimulate the progress, the effectiveness and the quality of the standardization in this area of common interest;

I&C CG will exclusively collaborate and facilitate the information flow;

I&C CG will not proceed to technical work and will not adopt deliverables, and has no decision power over single TBs, WGs or TGs;

I&C CG members are only TB officials or Secretariat officers from ETSI, CENELEC;

ATTM and TC 215 chairmen will jointly lead the I&C CG and may agree to invite other relevant persons; 

I&C CG will identify the relevant TBs in their and other relevant organizations and will stimulate the participation of experts in the standardization work identified as relevant; 

EN 50 173 series, EN 50 174 series and EN 50  600 Series and associated standards will be developed and adopted by CENELEC as well as the activities identified in:

http://www.cenelec.org/Cenelec/Technical+work/TC+web+sites/TC215/TC+215+Relationship+of+standards.htm ;

ETSI ATTM / AT2 will input relevant technical information related with the development and revisions of the above mentioned series of CENELEC standards;

This CENELEC and ETSI work should be developed in parallel and take full advantage of all participating SDO’s.  

 Annex A : IC CG members and partners 

IC CG members

CENELEC TC 215 and ETSI ATTM Chairman (Dominique Roche)
Secretariat: Thomas Wegmann (CENELEC) and Pat O’Keeffe (ETSI)
Other Members: Simon Kang, Alain Lambert, Jean-Luc Garcia, Mike Gilmore, Roberto Macchi, Peter Reusens, Bernardo Correia, Dong-Hi Sim, C. Vigneron; Lindsay Fros; Muench Rainer; Pat O'Keeffe; G. White; P. Reusens; G. Perrot; A. Opacic; A. Zeddam; F. Cucchietti; R. Mersh; A. Lehouck; B. Gorini; M. Arndt

 Representatives from the below identified TBs

I&C CG identified SDO’s and TB’s

[Potentially concerned]
CEN ITU-T SGs Forums
 JTC Broadcast, PLT, EE, ERM, M2M, BRAN, TISPAN  205, 205A, 209, 206, 86A, 46, 210 247

5, 9,15

5, 9, 15
GeSI-EE IOCG Sdt Branch
BroadBand Forum


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