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TC ATTM Working Group SDMC Terms of Reference

The Working Group « SDMC (Sustainable Digital Multiservice Communities) » in TC ATTM is responsible for the creation, and development, and maintenance of standards on the “Relationship between deployment of ICT systems and implementation of services within cities and communities” and directly related Work Items. 

WG SDMC shall maintain close cooperation with AT2 in areas of common interest.

WG SDMC needs to collect relevant information among several TBs and WGs and will therefore stimulate to the best extent possible the collaboration of all experts across ETSI organisation. 

WG SDMC will use existing cooperation agreement framework   between ETSI and CEN, CENELEC, ITU, IEC and ISO. Nominated liaison officers will ensure cooperation.

WG SDMC will work on deployment of ICT systems, and networks, and sites allowing interactions for data capture (both data consumers and providers) and management of data within each service and between different functions and services and will produce:

  • Standardisation work on specific engineering of SDMC ICT
  • Specifications of topology and functional requirements
  • Specifications of functional and physical characteristics of interfaces
  • Standardisation work on operational sustainability management