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TCCE WG4 Terms of Reference 


To create Standards and supporting documentation as needed for provision of mission critical services over broadband bearers, and for the evolution of TETRA High Speed Packet Data and voice services as per current TC TCCE ToR.


  • Specification of mission critical broadband bearer services 
  • Standardisation of mechanisms to provide mission critical voice and data services over broadband bearers 
  • Integration of existing TETRA data and voice services with those services operating over broadband bearers 
  • Continual improvement and evolution of TETRA 1 and TETRA 2 (TEDS) data services to improve efficiency and performance 
  •  Reports where relevant concerning the high speed and broadband data environment, such as spectrum requirements 

 User Requirements

The user requirements and criteria for high speed and broadband data services and application are documented in an High Speed Data User Requirements Specification TR 102 021-2 and Mission Critical Broadband URS TR 102 022-1, which will assist WG4 in preparing derived technical and selection criteria and to assist in defining the system. WG4 will liaise with WG1 for clarification of any item of the URS. Additional definition and analysis of broadband requirements is documented in the LEWP RCEG Matrix. Further requirements may originate from the TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA).

Backward Compatibility/Future Proofing

Ensure full backward compatibility and integration of the new services with existing TETRA standards, in order to future proof existing and future investments by TETRA users.


WG4 will work with:

  • WG1 to clarify user requirements 
  • WG3 on protocol aspects 
  • WG6 on security aspects 
  • external bodies such as the TCCA and 3GPP in the development of broadband standards and with bodies such as the LEWP RCEG to further clarify user requirements and 
  • other relevant groups, such as CEPT WGFM in conjunction with ERM as appropriate on associated matters such as spectrum 


Work will be done by voluntary work by WG4 members and with use of any STFs as appropriate.


Deliverables shall be draft Technical Standards, Technical Specifications and Technical Reports in accordance with ETSI rules.