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TCCE WG3 Terms of Reference 


The objective of the Terms of Reference for TC TCCE WG3 is to maintain existing TETRA deliverables and produce additional sets of ETSI deliverables in order to enhance and maintain TETRA standards and specification as needed for TETRA implementations.

Area of work

WG3 drafts and maintains specifications, standards and reports on:

  • Air interface physical layer; 
  • Air interface protocol stack up to and including network layer; 
  • Inter-System Interface; 
  • Interworking and roaming with other technologies and networks; 
  • Supplementary Services; 
  • SIM card or equivalent functions and 
  • Peripherial Equiment Interface. 


Work will be done by voluntary work by WG3 members and with use of any STFs as appropriate.


WG3 will liaise with other TC TCCE working groups especially WG1 on user requirements, WG4 on high-speed data and broadband issues, WG6 on security issues and WG8 on Direct Mode Operation.

WG3 will also liaise with TCCA WGs, especially V+D WG, ISI WG and PEI WG.


Deliverables shall be draft Technical Standards, Technical Specifications and Technical Reports in accordance with ETSI rules.