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ETSI Technical Committee (TC) TCCE (TETRA and Critical Communications Evolution)

Approved at Board #93, June 2013

1. Responsibility

ETSI TCCE shall have responsibility:

  • For the provision of user driven standards for authority to authority secure voice and data services and facilities over broadband and narrowband air interfaces. 
  • To collect and specify requirements from relevant stakeholders such as the Emergency Services, Government, Military, Transportation, Utility and Industrial organizations as well as Public Access Mobile Radio (PAMR) Operators. 
  • To maintain and develop the existing TETRA standard. 
  • For ETSI deliverables (in whole or in part) dealing with both TETRA and mobile broadband critical communications. 
  • To ensure that work programmes within ETSI TC TCCE are co-ordinated with other European and International Standards making bodies to avoid duplication of deliverables. 

2. Areas of activity

The activities of TC TCCE will fall largely into the following broad areas:

  • To identify requirements for mission and business critical broadband services that will enable an evolution of digital narrowband PMR services to mobile broadband.
  • To identify and fill standardization gaps such as:
  • The provision and development of proportionate security measures for TETRA and mission critical communications services.
  • The selection and development of suitable CODECs for Audio and video services.
  • The evolution and enhancement of TETRA and critical communications services as required by the market with the provision of new services, facilities and functionality made possible by new technology innovations and standards.
  • To identify requirements for the further development of the TETRA standard.
  • The maintenance of the TETRA standard.

3. Organisation and working methods within the Committee

  • TC TCCE shall work in accordance with the ETSI Directives and, in particular, the Technical Working Procedures.
  • TC TCCE shall provide progress reports to the ETSI Board and OCG from time to time
  • TC TCCE shall comprise a number of Working Groups (WGs) structured in such a way to address the different user requirements and technical aspects of the required standardization.
  • TC TCCE plenary meetings shall take place at least twice a year at which TC TCCE members shall be invited to attend.
  • The TCCE Management Committee (MC) comprising at least the TC Chairman, the ETSI Technical Officer, and Chairman of each Working Group (WG) shall address management issues as and when required using e-mail, conference calls and meetings as appropriate.
  • The work of ETSI TC TCCE shall depend upon effective co-operation and liaison with other TBs. Some typical examples of co-operation and liaison are 3GPP for broadband standardisation, RT for rail transport broadband standardization matters, ERM for spectrum and EMC matters, EMTEL for public safety user requirements, RRS for recommended CR/SDR spectrum management solutions and SAGE for security matters.
  • Outside ETSI, TC TCCE relies heavily on and shall co-operate and liaise closely with the TETRA + Critical Communications Association (TCCA) particularly in regard to the development of requirements, use cases and architecture for mission critical communications standardisation. TC TCCE will liaise with other external organizations

4. Participation

  • Participation in TC TCCE is open to all ETSI members in accordance with the Technical Working Procedures. Observers and non-members may participate at the discretion of the Chairman in line with clause 1.4 of the Technical Working Procedures.