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Terms of Reference for Technical Committee (TC) SAFETY (Electronic communications and systems Safety)

Accepted Board#58 (B58#07) 

1.  Responsibility

The Horizontal TC SAFETY should have the primary responsibility:

for ETSI deliverables (in whole or in part) dealing with electronic communications equipment safety; for ETSI deliverables (in whole or in part) dealing with electronic communications installations safety; for co-ordination of ETSI positions on electronic communications and systems safety requirements;

to ensure that work programmes within ETSI TC Safety are co-ordinated with other European and International Standards making bodies to avoid duplication of deliverables.

2.  Areas of activity

The activities of TC SAFETY will thus fall largely into the following broad areas:

  • to identify electronic communications health and safety requirements including those which are essential requirements of EU Directives and resultant from EU Council Recommendations;  
  • to promote the creation of safety standards that are of practical use to ETSI members; 
  • to map the electronic communications equipment safety requirements onto those which are laid down in the IEC 60 950 series; 
  • to consider the equipment safety requirements as laid down in IEC 60 065 which are relevant in cases where consumer  electronic equipment is combined with telecommunications equipment.

TC SAFETY provides ETSI with a centre of technical expertise in the safety fields, able to offer advice to ETSI Technical Bodies, the ETSI Board and the General Assembly.

3.  Organisation and working methods within the Committee

The TC will be encouraged to establish liaisons and joint working groups with other organizations, as appropriate.  Joint working groups will be entitled to develop deliverables for submission to the lead organisation.

Annex A: Guidance to Liaison Officers Liaison officers shall be appointed by TC SAFETY for a period of two years, and may be re-appointed.  ETSI Liaison Officers shall represent ETSI views and positions within other organisations that have been agreed within TC SAFETY.  Where no formal ETSI position has been established, ETSI Liaison Officers may present draft positions yet to be agreed by TC SAFETY. In such cases, their status should be made clear.  ETSI Liaison Officers shall not present contributions, documents or views on behalf of themselves or other companies / organisations as ETSI positions. However, ETSI Liaison officers may speak on behalf of TC Safety on areas not covered by prepared positions, but shall report such ad-hoc positions to TC Safety.  ETSI Liaison Officers shall make the agenda as well as all relevant documents available to TC SAFETY members, as soon as possible. Members will be notified via the TC SAFETY email exploder.  ETSI Liaison Officers shall distribute reports of meetings attended on behalf of TC Safety as soon as possible.  ETSI Liaison Officers shall also distribute the official reports of meetings attended, when they become available.