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Term of Reference for SAFETY JWG TC106X Working group 7

1. Title

Joint Working Group between ETSI Safety and CENELEC TC 106X WG 7.

The Assessment of Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields from Devices used in the Broadcast and Ancillary Services including SAP/ SAB and ENG/OB.

2. Purpose

This Joint Working Group will investigate and produce a Standard or Standards, as appropriate, in support of EU requirements on EMF exposure relating to the R&TTE Directive (1999/5/EC), Article 3.1(a), and the Council Recommendation on exposure of the general public to EM Fields (1999/519/EC).

The following Products and/or Application Areas will be included:

Broadcast Service Transmitters in all Licensed Bands

Sites shared with other users



The selection above is taken on the basis of known technological similarities. It may be changed/extended if new, similar, applications are identified.

NOTE: Although the intent is to concentrate the work on the above devices, it is understood that there could be products which use similar frequencies/technologies which might benefit in the future by using the resultant Standard(s). 

The Standards to be produced will contain:

Product/Application Description

Any necessary theoretical considerations

Measurement Methods and Techniques

Conversion methods to Basic Restrictions and/or Limits

Reference to Generic Standards, EC Recommendation(s)/Directive(s) and ICNIRP Documents, as necessary

Methods to show Compliance from the above

Specific EC Mandates to be considered are:

TCAM 1 (98) 17, Doc. 42/99 – EN, “Harmonised Standards for the R&TTE Directive”

Others as available during the existence of the Working Group 3. Organization

The Working Group will consist of:

A Convenor nominated by TC106X/National Committees and ETSI 

Members nominated by National Committees/TC106X

Members of ETSI

Technical Experts co-opted by the Working Group, as required

The Working Group will liaise with other groups working in related fields (within CENELEC, EC, ICNIRP, IEC, ETSI etc.) via the Convenor, Appointed Liaison Officers or TC106X, as appropriate to the task. 
Work will be performed by correspondence as far as possible but meetings will be held when appropriate.