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 Terms of Reference for SAFETY JWG TC106X Working Group 4

1. Title

Joint Working Group between ETSI Safety and CENELEC TC 106X WG 4.

WG 4 Generic product standards working group.

2. Purpose

The working group shall produce generic product standard(s) covering requirements - compliance and assessment criteria - for equipment covered by the LVD- and the R&TTE- Directive. The standard(s) shall be designated "Generic Standard(s)" and shall be applicable only to equipment for which no product- or product family standard exists. The generic product standards should be harmonized either under one or both of the above-mentioned directives. Material not suitable for publication in harmonized standards shall be published in a guide.

Remarks: It is the intention to refer as much as possible to other basic standards or product standards with respect to assessment methods in order not to duplicate the work.

3. Organization

The Working Group will consist of:

A Convenor nominated by TC106X/National Committees and ETSI 

Members nominated by National Committees/TC106X

Members of ETSI

Technical Experts co-opted by the Working Group, as required

The Working Group will liaise with other groups working in related fields (within CENELEC, EC, ICNIRP, IEC, ETSI etc.) via the Convenor, Appointed Liaison Officers or TC106X, as appropriate to the task. 
Work will be performed by correspondence as far as possible but meetings will be held when appropriate.