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OCG AN - Way of Working

OCG AN meetings

  • OCG AN meetings (OCG-AN#01, OCG-AN#02 etc): contributions for these should be uploaded to the portal, and allocated to the relevant meeting (hence numbered OCGAN(21)0010XX, OCGAN(21)0020XX).
  • Bi-weekly editing meetings:  editing meetings to progress the internal co-ordination paper.
    • Contributions are uploaded to the portal, without allocation to a specific meeting (hence using the document numbers OCGAN(21)0000XX).
    • Output from these editing meetings will be submitted to the OCG AN meetings.

OCG AN email list

  • OCG members (TB chairs and Vice Chairs) and any others who the TB/ISG chairs nominate from their groups.
  • Requests to join the list will be forwarded to the ETSI Secretariat.