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Terms of Reference for OCG sub-group on Autonomous Networks (OCG AN)

Version approved by the OCG 26 January 2021

1. Responsibility

The main responsibilities of the ETSI OCG AN are to:

  • facilitate the exchange of views and information on AN activities in TBs and ISGs in order to identify synergies and minimise duplication,
  • where necessary, facilitate representation and coordination of ETSI AN activities with other industry groups (e.g. TMF, 3GPP etc.),
  • create and maintain an informal, ETSI-internal coordination paper to provide a coordinated view on activities related to AN and how they relate to each other,
  • ensure coordinated provision of information and responses to requests from external bodies on AN matters relevant to ETSI,
  • report to the OCG and the Board, whenever required.

 OCG AN will not undertake technical standardisation activities.

 2. Organisation and working methods

  • OCG AN shall work in accordance with the ETSI Directives. In particular a portal page shall be maintained for organisation of meetings and contributions, plus a mailing list and other activities to advertise information and promote ETSI involvement.
  •  OCG AN shall provide progress reports to the ETSI Board and OCG as requested.

 Chairing of the Group:

  • The Chair of OCG AN shall be appointed by the OCG. OCG AN may appoint Vice-Chairs as necessary. A secretary will be provided by the ETSI Secretariat.

 3. Participation

  • Participation in OCG AN is under the same rules as for OCG. In addition, Chairs of participating TBs and ISGs may nominate other officials and/or experts from their TB/ISG to facilitate representation of the activities.