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Terms of Reference for OCG sub-group on Artificial Intelligence (OCG AI)

Version approved by the OCG 01 October  2021

1. Responsibility

The main responsibilities of the ETSI OCG AI are to:

  • facilitate the exchange of views and information on AI activities in TBs and ISGs in order to identify synergies, best practices and common requirements
  • evaluate the impact of AI on the production of standards (e.g. interoperability, testing, compliance to EU ethical guidelines) that can be common to different TB/ISGs and suggest guidelines for the relevant TB/ISGs
  • identify common activities (e.g. terminology, common requirements) or standardization-related gaps, and make proposals on how to address them
  • promote and maintain a coordinated view of information (including work items) from TBs/ISGs on activities related to AI
  • coordinate provision of information by the TBs and ISGs on AI matters relevant to ETSI
  • be a continuously-available interface between ETSI and EC/EFTA for response to questions and calls for comment on issues relevant to AI standardization
  • report to the OCG, the Board, the GA, or the EC whenever required
  • consider the need for and/or propose external cooperation related to AI standardization.
  • It is not part of the OCG AI responsibilities to produce standards or promote specific AI solutions.

 2. Organisation and working methods

  • OCG AI shall work in accordance with the ETSI Directives. In particular a portal page shall be maintained for organisation of meetings and contributions, plus a mailing list.
  • OCG AI shall provide progress reports to the ETSI Board and OCG as requested.
  • OCG AI shall maintain a publicly-viewable overview of AI activities within ETSI, in cooperation with ETSI secretariat and the related TBs/ISGs

Chairing of the Group:

  • The Chair of OCG AI shall be appointed by the OCG. OCG AI may appoint Vice-Chairs as necessary. A secretary will be provided by the ETSI Secretariat.

 3. Participation

  • Membership of the group is open to all ETSI members.
  • Members of the ETSI Secretariat (e.g. Technical Officers) are invited to participate as required and/or represent their respective technical body(ies) when requested to do so.
  • EC/EFTA are invited to participate as ETSI Counsellor in the group.