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EC Standardization requests and Financing

The two main reference documents to be used to follow the latest EU requests for standardisation activities in support of public policy are the Annual Union Work Programme (UWP) and the ICT Rolling Plan (ICT RP) for European standardisation.

The UWP covers many domains and is a planning tool for the ESOs that indicates the likely areas where standardisation requests (mandates) may be developed in the coming 18 months. The ICT RP is a document that provides the details of policy areas where standardisation may be required in the ICT domain and gives some specific requested actions but where standardisation requests may be unlikely.

Both documents need to be used to justify any requests for financial support (technical proposals) as without this the EC is unable to allocate financing.  

Annual Union Work Program and ICT Rolling-Plan

Annual Union work programme for European standardisation: The 2024 annual Union work programme for European standardisation

The EU rolling plan provides an overview of preliminary and complementary ICT standardisation activities undertaken in support of EU policy activities: https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/policies/rolling-plan-ict-standardisation

Vademecum on European Standardization

The Vademecum compiles key documents from the European Commission on European standardisation policy and related practice. It provides guidance without having legal status.

The main aim of the Vademecum is to serve as a guide for:

  • Commission officials - to enable them to use European standardisation as a tool for the implementation of European policies and legislation
  • EU countries - to help them to understand the Commission's European standardisation policy and the mechanisms of referring to European standards in European policies and legislation
  • Stakeholders - to gain a clear picture of the policies and processes of the Commission in this field.

The publication of the Vademecum contributes to the transparency and accessibility of Commission policy on European standardisation.

  1. Standardisation requests (role, adoption and execution)SWD(2015) 205 final of 27/10/2015, Vademecum on European standardisation in support of Union legislation and policies

A guide to Lump Sum financing & effective proposal preparation

EC/EFTA financing of standardisation actions is under review by the Commission, an ETSI process will be made available to assist our ETSI members. In the meantime you can contact the STF Team.