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Sonia Compans

  Technical Officer

Sonia Compans is presently technical officer in the ETSI Committee Support Center and supervises standardization activities carried out by Technical Committees on Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (TC ESI) and Human Factors (TC HF). Her main assignment is to provide expertise in standards making so as to enhance the quality of the standards published by ETSI. She also provides guidance on the ETSI procedures and coordinates the answers to and the execution of European Commission standardization mandates by the committees.

In the past, she provided support to committees dealing with fixed networks, end-to-end network architectures, network technologies and Cloud. She also coordinated ETSI activities on Fixed Networks and their evolution to Future Networks, as well as on Content Delivery. She had a particular focus on communication and marketing aspects, contributing to the creation of introductory presentations, leaflets, and exhibition stand design, setting up workshops, and promoting through presentations at conferences.

Previously she participated to the definition of the first Bluetooth accessories for mobile phones. She then worked for a SIM card manufacturer, first as a standardization engineer dealing with 3G SIM cards definition, then as product manager for 3G SIM cards.

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