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Chantal Bonardi

 Technical Officer


Chantal joined ETSI in 1993 and since 2004 has provided support to a dozen of ETSI Technical Committees and Industry Specification Groups (ISGs), and other groups like MESA Partnership and Joint Technical Committee (JTC) Broadcast.

As Technical Officer for these groups her principal tasks are to guide them with the ETSI rules and to provide any administrative support they may need.

Chantal has also been the Convenor of a Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) Task Force on Emergency Communications that deals with public safety, which started in 2012 and lasted several years.

Chantal gained her knowledge of the broadcast field, and also in the critical communications domain, that gave the opportunities to make presentations at international events on these two topics. For instance, Chantal chaired a conference session at IBC (International Broadcast Convention) during several years, and more recently Chantal chaired a session on NG911/NG112 at the EENA (European Emergency Number Association) 2019 Conference.


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