BRAN * Summary

BRAN Summary

Chairman: Edgard Vangeel (Cisco Systems Belgium)


In response to growing market demand for low-cost, high capacity radio links, ETSI established a standardization project for Broadband Radio Access Networks (BRAN) in the spring of 1997, which was turned into an ETSI Technical Committee later on. So ETSI TC BRAN is the successor of the former Sub-Technical Committee RES10 which developed the HIPERLAN/1 specifications. Since then ETSI TC BRAN produce standards and specifications for various Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) technologies in various frequency ranges. This includes documents on new spectrum demand (System Reference Documents), technical specifications, harmonized standards produced under a mandate from the European Commission as well as conformance test specifications (radio and protocol testing).

The work is carried out in two working groups:

HiperMAN Working Group

This working group produced the standards for HiperLAN2 (a mobile broadband short-range access network), HiperACCESS (a fixed wireless broadband access network) and HiperMAN (a fixed wireless access network which operates below 11 GHz). Work on the latter one continues by streamlining the corresponding PHY and MAC specifications with the IEEE 802.16 standards series. Furthermore, test conformance specifications are created and maintained that intend to ensure interoperability between such systems.

Regulatory Competence Working Group (RCWG)

This working group focus on system reference documents, harmonized standards and other regulatory topics. Standards such as for RLANs operating in the 5 GHz band, for BWA systems operating in the 2,6 GHz, 3,5 GHz and 5,8 GHz bands and for WPAN systems operating in the 60 GHz band have been elaborated here. If new frequency bands are allocated to BWA systems then RCWG will most probably work on corresponding harmonized standards.


ATM   Asynchronous Transfer ModeAsynchronous Transfer Mode
 BWA  Broadband Wireless Access
 CL   Convergence Layer
 DLC   Data Link Control
 ETSI   European Telecommunications Standards Institute
 HIPERACCESS   HIgh PErformance Radio Access
 HIPERLAN   HIgh PErformance Radio LAN
 HIPERMAN   HIgh PErformance Radio Metropolitan Area Networks
 HS   Harmonized Standard
 MAC   Medium Access Control (layer)
 PHY  Physical (layer)
 RES   Radio Equipment and Systems
 RLAN   Radio Local Area Access Network
 TDMA   Time Division Multiple Access
 WPAN  Wireless Personal Access Networks