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Terms of Reference (ToR) for Technical Committee Secure Element Technologies (TC SET) Requirements Working Group (TC SET REQ) 

Approved at SCP#18 (change of name from SCP to SET at SCP#102)

 1. Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of TC SET REQ are:

Identify and define requirements for the TC SET smart card platform and services related to it. Create TC SET requirement specifications and reports. Maintain TC SET requirement specifications and reports.

2. Tasks

The main tasks of TC SET REQ are:

Evaluate requirements based on input from: Participants, TC SET TEC, External bodies including 3GPP, 3GPP2, GlobalPlatform, GSMA, OMA, SIM Alliance, etc. Develop and maintain requirements specifications and reports. Ensure overall coherence and timely and expeditious evolution of the requirements specifications for the TC SET smart card platform. Aim to ensure consistency of TC SET specifications with the specifications of other “customer” bodies such as 3GPP, 3GPP2, GlobalPlatform and OMA.

3. Organisation

TC SET REQ meets at least once prior to each TC SET Plenary meeting. The specification work should be done as much as possible in the regular WG meetings. Electronic work to advance topics and documents for the discussion in a WG meeting is encouraged. However some ad hoc sessions might be organised in some cases such as:

- When there is an exceptionally high amount of work needed to accomplish an agreed target.

- When specific expertise is required.

- When there is a need for a joint session with another group.

4. Liaisons

To facilitate its work, TC SET REQ shall identify relevant bodies and ask the TC SET Plenary for the agreement to set up direct liaison to these bodies.

Formal liaison should be established with bodies referencing TC SET specifications in order to facilitate the work on specifications dependence/consistency.

In some cases, informal liaison is handled by delegates attending international standardisation meetings and forums, for example ISO/IEC SC17 and the Java Card Forum.