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EE Summary

TC EE Chairperson: Beniamino Gorini

 The Technical Committee EE is responsible for defining the environmental and infrastructure aspects for all telecommunication equipment in different types of installations.
The Environmental activity covers:
  • Environmental conditions on the telecommunication equipment (mechanical, biological and climatic conditions)
  • Active substances (mechanical and chemical)
  • Equipment acoustic noise emission.
  • Environmental tests for all telecommunication equipment and facilities, including customer premises.
  • Observation of European environmental legislation, in terms of ecological aspects, and assessing its impact on Telecommunication infrastructure and equipment.
 The infrastructure activity covers:
  • Definition of the power supply interfaces of all telecommunication equipment, installed in telecommunications centres, access network and in customer premises. This includes aspects of power supply system, earthing and bonding methods of telecommunication equipment and supervision and monitoring of power and cooling systems.
  • Definition of equipment practice for telecommunication equipment installed in telecommunication centres and outdoor enclosures and of the thermal management standards for the co-location of equipment delivered by different suppliers in the same facility or ETSI rack.
 Environmental activity in terms of ecological aspects covers the combination of climatic, physical, chemical, and biotic conditions that may affect the growth and welfare of organisms and nature conservation. In particular:
  • reduction of energy consumption in telecommunications equipment and related infrastructure
  • alternative energy sources for powering telecom/datacom equipment
The main standards produced and maintained by EE are:

  • EN 300 019 series: Environmental conditions and Environmental tests for telecommunications equipment;
  • EN 300 132 series; Power supply interface at the input to telecommunications equipment;
  • EN 300 119 series: European telecommunication standard for equipment practice;
  • EN 300 253: Earthing and bonding configuration inside telecommunications centres
EE liaises with the major worldwide standard organizations (e.g. ATIS, IEC, ITU-T CENELEC) on the fields covered by EE. The EE Technical Committee comprises representatives from the Telecommunication network operators and equipment suppliers of Europe, China, Japan and the US.