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(former T1E1 Committee)
Network Interfaces, Power, and Protection Committee  Beniamino Gorini
 STEP-TEE Telecommunications Energy Efficiency  Mauro Boldi
 Daniel Dianat
 IEC TC76 Optical radiation safety and laser equipment  Beniamino Gorini
 IEC TC108 Safety of electronic equipment within the field of audio/video,  information technology and communication technology  Beniamino Gorini
 IEC TC111 Environmental standardization for electrical and electronic products and  systems  Beniamino Gorini
 ITU-T SG5 Protection against electromagnetic environmental effects  Daniel Dianat
 Claudio Bianco
 ETSI ERM Electromagnetic Compatibility and Radio Matters  Beniamino Gorini
 ETSI TC Safety Telecommunications Equipment Safety  Beniamino Gorini
 CENELEC TC 111X Environmental Standardization  Beniamino Gorini

Broadband energy efficiency

/Earthing & bonding

/Green Data Centres

/Power interface and related characteristics for telecommunications equipment on customer premises
 Beniamino Gorini
 Paolo Gemma
 CENELEC SR 104  Environmental conditions and testing specific to telecommunications  Beniamino Gorini
 EC JRC  Code of Conduct of Broadband Energy Consumption and data centers  Daniel Dianat
 Paolo Gemma