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ITS Activity Report 2018-2019

Chairman: Niels Peter Skov Andersen, Anemone Technology

Responsible for standardization to support the development and implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) service provision across the network, for transport networks, vehicles and transport users, including interface aspects, multiple modes of transport and interoperability between systems.

In many respects vehicles on our roads are already connected devices. However, in the very near future they will also interact directly with each other and with the road infrastructure through ‘Co-operative Intelligent Transport Systems’ (C-ITS). C-ITS allow road users and traffic managers to share and use information and to co-ordinate their actions. C-ITS are expected to significantly improve road safety, traffic efficiency and the comfort of driving, by helping the driver to take the right decisions and adapt to the traffic situation. Communication between vehicles, infrastructure and other road users can also increase the safety of automated vehicles and their full integration into the overall transport system.

In some countries, vehicles and C-ITS services are already available on the market. Several European Member States have started C-ITS deployment activities under real-life conditions through strategic alliances such as the co-operative corridor linking Rotterdam in The Netherlands to Frankfurt in Germany and Vienna, Austria, as well as the European Union supported initiative C-Roads with 16 member state members and several non-European Associated members. In Europe, full-scale deployment of C-ITS enabled vehicles is targeted 2019. For this to happen, co-ordination is needed at the European level, and standardization has a key role to play in this.

Our ITS Technical Committee (TC ITS) is leading the drive to global standards that will support applications including road safety, traffic control, fleet management and location-based services, driver assistance, hazard warnings and assistance to emergency services. As well as developing standards related to the overall communication architecture, management, security and conformance testing, we are also closely involved in related spectrum requirements for ITS.

In response to M/453 on C-ITS systems and M/546 on Urban ITS, in 2018 we launched work on specifications for the cooperative ITS Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) service.

Interoperability and conformance are key elements in the successful deployment of ITS. Accordingly, we published a series of test specifications covering ITS V2X use cases in the 5,9 GHz and conformance testing for ITS security.

Work progressed on a pre-standardization study, addressing modification of the ITS architecture to accommodate multiple radio access technologies with guaranteed backward compatibility.

We published a suite of Technical Specifications related to C-V2X technologies. These addressed congestion control mechanisms; access layer for ITS using LTE V2X communication in the 5,9 GHz band; and amendments to the Geonetworking ENs.

Progress was also made on topics including Collective Perception Services, Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control, Platooning and Security Improvements.

The 9th ETSI Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) was hosted in March 2018 by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy in Berlin. Sessions covered technical, regulatory and testing aspects of deploying standardized technologies; hybrid solutions combining cellular technology with short range C-ITS communication technology; and next steps from initial deployments to higher degrees of automation.


  • Revision to Harmonised Standard (EN) on LTE-V2X access layer for ITS in 5 GHz band
  • Revision to EN on ITS-G5 access layer specification for ITS in 5 GHz band
  • Technical Specification (TS) on GeoNetworking extensions for MCO
  • Revision to EN on Vehicular Communications / GeoNetworking
  • TS on Multi-Channel Operation (MCO) for ITS; covering definition of MCO architecture, channel management mechanisms and interfaces
  • TS on Communication Architecture for MCO
  • Technical Report (TR) on Vehicular Communications; Basic Applications; Diagnosis, Logging and Status Service
  • TS on OSI cross-layer topics
  • TR on security - management process and usage of PSID and SSP for C-ITS
  • TR on security - pre-standardization study on ITS Facility Layer Security for C-ITS communication using cellular Uu interface
  • TS on security management messages
  • TS on interoperability test specifications for security
  • Pre-standardization study on payment applications in ETSI ITS-G5
  • TS on manoeuvre coordination service - basic set of applications
  • TR on manoeuvre coordination between ITS-Ss
  • Pre-standardization study on ITS architecture
  • TR on Definition of ITS test mode for operational devices in the field
  • TR on Vehicular Communications; basic set of applications; analysis of Collective Perception Service (CPS)
  • TS on conformance test specifications for ITS PKI management
  • TR on transport pollution management in C-ITS – applications and use cases
  • TR on malicious/misbehaviour detection
  • TR on investigation to improve TTT DSRC
  • TR on Multi Channel Operations – overview to support ITS use cases
  • Revision to TS on Basic Set of Applications; Facilities layer protocols and communication requirements for infrastructure services
  • TS on awareness service for Vulnerable Road Users (VRU)
  • TR on Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (pre-standardization study)
  • TR on platooning (Pre-standardization study)
  • TS on Access Layer / ITS Performance Analysis Framework and 5,9 GHz Channel Models
  • Revision to TS on conformance test specifications for Facilities layer protocols and communication requirements for infrastructure services
  • TS on Multimedia Content Dissemination (MCD) basic service specification
  • TS on facilities layer protocol for communication congestion control
  • Revision to TS on security header and certificate formats
  • Revision to TR on framework for Public Mobile Networks in C-ITS
  • Revision to TS on testing – Coexistence of Cooperative ITS G5 with TTT DSRC
  • Revision to TR on security; Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Analysis (TVRA)
  • Revision to TS on conformance test specifications for Decentralized Environmental Notification Basic Service (DEN)
  • Revision to TS on conformance testing for Cooperative Awareness Basic Service
  • Revision to TR on ITS use cases