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TC CABLE Working Group 2 (WG2) Terms of Reference HFC Distribution, Installation, Operational Best Practices

Approved by TC at CABLE#20


  • Collection and definition of requirements related to physical architecture, deployment and operation of HFC networks, including but not limited to headend equipment and cabling, outside plant, in home wiring, and customer premises equipment
  • Development and maintenance of operational framework for RF cable systems
  • Assessment of changes in frequency allocations and spectrum management with regard to its impact on the electromagnetic environment for HFC networks
  • Assessment of works by ITU, IEC, ISO, CEPT/ECC with regard to their impact on HFC network operation, frequency allocation and spectrum management
  • Review and comment on issues discussed within EMC WP as they relate to HFC networks
  • Addressing of installation and interference issues stemming from field experience and development of methods for mitigating them

Areas of activity

  • Creation, development and maintenance of Standards and other ETSI deliverables related to the area of responsibility, specifically

   o    HFC network infrastructure and distribution

   o    Physical HFC plant technologies and characteristics

   o    Frequency and spectrum management within HFC networks

  • Establishment of operational guidelines to share experiences and promote best practices
  • Review and contribution to activities of other ETSI Technical Bodies and external organizations requiring expertise in HFC networks