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 TC CABLE Working Group 1 (WG1) Terms of Reference 
Architecture, Interfaces, Protocols

Approved by TC at CABLE#20


  • Collection and definition of requirements related to HFC and cable system network architecture
  • Collection and definition of requirements related to internal and external system interfaces
  • Definition of protocols for HFC network applications, services and operations  

Areas of activity

  • Creation, development and maintenance of Standards and other ETSI deliverables related to the area of responsibility, specifically

   o    Cable system architectures and architectural elements

o    Network and system interfaces

   o    Data over cable systems

   o    Advanced head-end architectures

   o    Customer Premises Equipment and Home Networks

                o    Cable-Mobile systems including their architecture elements for:
                       - RLAN
                       - Mobile
                       - Core network
                       - Convergence

  • Review and contribution to activities of other ETSI Technical Bodies and external organizations requiring expertise in architectures, interfaces and protocols of HFC networks