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Terms of Reference for Technical Committee (TC) Methods for Testing and Specification (MTS)

Revised and approved at ETSI Board#94


  • MTS is responsible for the identification and definition of advanced specification and testing methods, which take advantage of innovative techniques to improve the efficiency and economics of both the standard description and associated conformance and interoperability testing processes. 
  • Methodologies are established, in co-operation with the relevant Technical Committees, for use in the development of standards, and of testing specifications, including interoperability. 
  • In the definition of specification methods and languages, the applicability of existing international standards to the requirements of ETSI standardization will be considered.
  • MTS is the steering committee for the definition of the methodologies for "Centre for Testing and Interoperability (CTI)". Together with CTI, TC MTS develops the background material for the use within the CTI group. MTS does field trials and pilot applications of new methods, in order to make sure that they are ready for the daily life at ETSI 

The scope includes: 

  • Evaluation of available method and techniques for the advanced and/or formal specification of standards with respect to efficiency and quality, with particular regard to testability; 
  • Development of methodologies related to testing. 
  • Guidelines on the use of selected methods, 
  • Methodologies for the specification of standards including test suites, i.e. specialized languages, definition of proformas etc., 
  • Methodologies for the generation, processing and verification of specifications, including specifications of test suites, 
  • Methodologies for the execution of tests and analysis of results 
  • Including standardization of test suites common to different TB. The development of test suites is done in close collaboration with other concerned TBs, when required and agreed to by the concerned TBs and existing work should be taken into account. If the development is specific to a particular TB, it will normally stay in the TB. 
  • Assistance to ETSI Secretariat regarding ETSI positions on Testing and Certification, both internally and externally. 
  • Specification of the required environment for testing, covering operational and procedural aspects 

Responsibility outside ETSI: 

  • Maintain technical liaison, be it informally or formally, with ITU-T SG 17 and other relevant bodies. 
  • Maintain a close co-operation with other relevant bodies on conformance and interoperability testing methodology, up to joint interest in selected work items and Specialist Task Forces.