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Chairman: Dirk Tepelmann

     The aim of TC MTS is to:

  • Evaluate available methods and techniques for the advanced and/or formal specification of standards with respect to efficiency and quality and with particular regard to testability,
  • Assist the ETSI Secretariat regarding ETSI positions on Testing and Certification, both internally and in relation with CEC initiatives, such as mandates and the Conformance Testing Services program;
  • Give guidance on the use of selected methods;
  • Provide methodologies for the specification of standardized tests including formal definition languages, definition of proformas etc.;
  • Specify the required environment for testing, covering operational and procedural aspects;
  • Provide methodologies for the generation, processing and verification of test suites;
  • Provide methodologies for the execution of tests and analysis of results;
  • Co-operate with e.g.ITU-T SG 10, European Committee for IT Testing and Certification CTS programs.
Last updated: 2010-09-17 14:58:50