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Terms of Reference for Technical Committee (TC) Smart Machine-to-Machine communications  (Smart M2M) 

Approved at ETSI Board#94 


  • TC Smart M2M will primarily provide specifications for M2M services and applications.  Much of the work will focus on aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities.
  • TC Smart M2M will support European policy and regulatory requirements including mandates in the area of M2M and the Internet of Things.
  • TC Smart M2M work includes the identification of EU policy and regulatory requirements on M2M services and applications to be developed by oneM2MSmartM2M, and the conversion of the oneM2M specifications into European Standards.

Areas of activity

The activities of TC Smart M2M will include the following:

  • Be a centre of expertise in the area of M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) to support M2M services and applications;
  • Maintain ETSI M2M published specifications;
  • Produce specifications as needed for regulatory purposes;
  • Transpose the output of oneM2M to TC M2M.

TC Smart M2M will aim at referring to existing work done elsewhere, or encouraging existing groups to fulfil Smart M2M requirements. The TC will undertake necessary work that is not being provided for elsewhere.