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SmartM2M Activity Report 2018-2019

Chairman: Enrico Scarrone, Telecom Italia S.p.A. 

Responsible for providing specifications for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services and applications, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities.

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communications are the foundation layer for tomorrow’s world of smart devices, appliances, homes and cities.

In the future, domestic and industrial appliances will be intelligent, networked devices, forming complete energy consuming, producing and managing systems. They will require open interfaces, allowing them to communicate with service platforms from different energy service providers; it will also allow the addition of new appliances from different vendors, using ‘plug and play’ connectivity. Interoperability is thus a key factor in creating an IoT ecosystem: the availability of a standardized solution, along with related test suites, is an essential enabler for the IoT.

Our Smart M2M Communications committee (TC SmartM2M) is developing standards to enable M2M services and applications and certain aspects of the IoT.

As the main active technical body representing ETSI in the oneM2M Partnership Project, we produce specifications to enable users to build IoT platforms by which devices and services can be connected, regardless of the underlying technology used. SmartM2M is enabling connected IoT/M2M devices to exchange information through SAREF, the smart applications reference ontology that runs with oneM2M-compliant communication platforms. With SAREF, SmartM2M is promoting oneM2M Base Ontology with extensions in many IoT domains.

In 2018 TC SmartM2M supported IoT Semantic Interoperability, global oneM2M IoT base ontology by expanding SAREF mappings domains to new sectors including Smart Cities, Industrial and Manufacturing, Smart Agriculture, Agrifood, Automotive, E‐health and Aging Well, Wearables and Smart Watering. During the course of the year the committee published three Technical Reports:

  • TR 103 506 "SAREF extension investigation; Requirements for Smart Cities"
  • TR 103 507 "SAREF extension investigation; Requirements for industry and manufacturing domains"
  • TR 103 511 "SAREF extension investigation; Requirements for AgriFood domain "

In addition to SAREF4AGRI development, SmartM2M was recognized worldwide as the home of the first Smart Agriculture oneM2M/ITS pilot, as demonstrated in October at ETSI IoT Week annual event. We accordingly published a Technical Report on Test Definition and guidelines for cooperation between oneM2M and Agriculture equipment standards.

We launched STF 556 to study improving SAREF end user inclusion, mapping tools and technics leveraging experience on the SEAS/Smart Energy Aware Systems project. We also launched an EC/EFTA funded STF 566 on SAREF extensions for Automotive, eHealth/Ageing-well, Wearables and Water, including the following Work items:

The committee investigated virtualized IoT architectures, identifying new elements that are required to support a virtualized IoT service layer. Related publications were:

  • TR 103 527 "Virtualized IoT Architectures with Cloud Back-ends"
  • TR 103 528 "Landscape for open source and standards for cloud native software applicable for a Virtualized IoT service layer"
  • TR 103 529 "IoT over Cloud back-ends: a Proof of Concept"

In 2018 TC SmartM2M supported ETSI activities in AIOTI (www.aioti.eu), WG03 (IoT Standardization) in collaboration with the H2020 IoT Large Scape Pilots and IoT Platforms, and its H2020 IoT LSP CSA CREATE-IoT where ETSI a consortium partner and leading the Work Package (WP6) on IoT Standardization.

The committee collaborated with TC CYBER to realize improved IoT Cybersecurity, Safety and Privacy protection. This was supported by the ICT Standardization Rolling Plan & EC/EFTA funded STF 547 that began in 2018 with these work items:

The committee co-operated with TC CYBER in the preparation and organization of ETSI Security Week, that took place in June 2018.