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RC approval procedure

  • Proponents will circulate to the STQ reflector the rationale for the RC and the relevant documents.
  • The TB management team (chair, vice-chair(s), TO) will review the rationale and relevant documents.
    • If the TB management team is in support of the RC, then the TB will be informed by the reflector and the chair will initiate the RC.
    • If the RC is not supported, the TB management team will inform the proponents, and circulate the decision via reflector.  The issue will be taken up at the next ordinary meeting as the usual course of business.

Scheduling of STFs/TTFs

  • Schedules of STF/TTFs will be aligned with the dates of ordinary meetings of the TB.
  • STFs/TTFs are encouraged to make use of interim meetings to progress their work.  Dates for interim meetings will be scheduled during ordinary meetings.
    • Any actions from interim meetings will be approved at ordinary meetings.
    • If, due to unanticipated and unforeseeable changes to the schedule that indicate approval may be needed by RC, the RC procedure noted above will be used.